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Luz María Charlita

Origin: Caracas, Venezuela.
Lives in: Miami, Florida. U.S.A.

Luz María Charlita is a Venezuelan metalsmith and sculptor now living in Miami, Florida. She has a background in architecture specializing in interior design. Her sensibility and passion for geometries and nature inspired her to begin her artistic career in the early 1990s focusing on jewelry and sculpture. Her work is characterized by their simplicity, details, the sobriety, and harmony in each piece. Her artworks that have been shown at museums, galleries and art fairs. Also, some of her pieces are part of international private collections. The Artist Statement: The search for harmony within technical elements is a constant aesthetic represented in my work. Light and heat are also vital elements in my artistic process. I embrace light as color and heat as the precursor of life. I incorporate crude metals such as silver, bronze, copper and gold in unique and unexpected ways throughout my work. Therefore, when I create with these metals, the results are never-expected and allow for beautiful spontaneity. I use my love and connection with the natural world and it’s details such as shapes, colors, and patinas to influence my aesthetics. I also embrace simple and clean lines and elevate them into romantic and elaborated concepts. I achieve this through my discipline and constancy in my craft. With each piece I create is an individual process that is a unique journey, so no pieces are alike or can ever be replicated.

Designs by Luz María Charlita

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