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Carolina Gomez Diaz

Origin: Bogotá, Colombia
Lives in: Bogotá, Colombia.
Gallery: Rincon Projects, Bogotá.

carolina-gomez-diaz-arttecaBorn in 1974, Colombian artist Carolina Gomez has had a recurrent dialogue with her training as a jeweler her artistic research since then explores the possibilities of these two universes. The result of this interplay is still seen prominently throughout her work today, in such elements as her use color, glare, reflection, and the composition of gemstones that are so intertwined with her personal history.

Carolinas work has become known for the powerful questions they pose about personal female identity and society’s views towards women.

The paintings focus on the female pop culture icon, impeccably recreated on canvas whit oil and whit what one might consider the most important part of the icon, her face, hidden. However, the icons face is not simply hidden whit just anything but whit precious gems of all sorts, diamonds, quartz, topazes rubies, etc. the gems themselves take on a life of their own because of their commanding vividness and technical precision.

Designs by Carolina Gomez Diaz

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