Augustus Francis

Origin: Los Angeles, California.  U.S.A.
Lives in: Lancashire, United Kingdom.
Gallery: American Contemporary Art Gallery. München, Germany

augustus_francis_arttecaAugustus Francis was born in Los Angeles, California to artist parents. At age 11 he moved to Lancashire, England where he lives and works.He studied art in the UK and ever since has been exhibited solo and in group shows around the world. These cities include Santa Monica, CA; Munich, Germany; Tokyo, Japan; London, UK; and Houston, Texas. He is inspired by natural and urban landscapes, the ongoing struggle, yet also harmonious coexistence between nature and man-made environments. He is a magnificent abstract painter. The color is at the heart of his work. He manipulates color understanding how each hue reacts to another to reach an impact in the senses. “I paint what I cannot see, I paint speed, I paint Rhythm, I paint Time, I paint Gravity, I paint Movement, I paint the immaterial, not the material”. Movement is a way of controlling rhythm and in turn balance and force. Movement can be the source of the painting’s structure, before the process begins, or may take hold as the painting forms. Francis attempts to evoke the sensation of the sublime. Both in pleasure and in fear. Positive and negative, perception and imperceptions. Abstraction is not simply a manifestation of the internal. It too is representation. It is to paint the essence of things.


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