Our Story: Fashion & Art


Our Story

On a sunny December morning in 2013, artTECA was born. While sipping cappuccinos in a beautiful café we thought of an idea to create a women’s fashion label that would combine unique and exclusive prints with styles that were elegant and comfortable. Our longstanding relationship and expertise with fashion and art inspired us to create an entirely new concept for women’s clothing. We believe fashion and art are a seamless pair, that go together effortlessly. It is a natural, yet exciting combination that began the artTECA brand.

Fashion and Art

Women struggle with finding clothes that are unique, yet versatile and work perfectly into their everyday lifestyle. This can lead to a boring and uninspiring closet with a wardrobe that looks more like a uniform than pieces that celebrate unique personal style.

This is why we decided to create a brand of unique art-inspired designs that will fill your closet with color, creativity, quality and style!

Our name artTECA is a combination of two words: art and “teca” which is a Latin term meaning gallery. Our vision is for your closet to look like a gallery of wardrobe pieces that inspire, personally resonate with you and offer you a sense of confidence and empowerment.

Our designs are simple yet contemporary, focusing on both classic and on-trend designs that will remain timeless.

Our collections are carefully curated. From each artist we hand-pick, to the state of the art printing methods and materials we use. We specialize in the highest quality of artistry and craftsmanship.

At artTECA, we boast luxury designs that are both versatile and affordable.

Our Love for Color and Prints

There is a direct correlation between what you wear with how you feel. Aesthetic details such as color and patterns carry a deeper resonance than simply a fashion trend as they have a strong connection with your well-being. For this reason we carefully choose only the most impressively unique and meaningful artwork to design our prints.

From bold and colorful designs to more subtle and delicate prints, we want you to feel distinctive, sophisticated and uplifted while wearing an artTECA piece.

Wearing artTECA can inspire you to break boundaries, communicate confidence and stand out in a crowd.

How We Do It:

To achieve our mission we have partnered with talented and well-known contemporary artists to create limited edition print designs based on their artwork.

We follow art fairs, art magazines, galleries and museum exhibitions in search of artists who produce impressive and captivating work. Once inspired by an artist’s work, we begin brainstorming how the artwork can translate perfectly into fashion as we approach the artist and let the collaborative process begin. We first choose a selection of the artist’s works and together decide what garment(s) work perfectly with the artist’s designs.

Who is the artTECA Woman?

She is strong, independent and confident. She never sacrifices style for convenience, because she invests in versatile pieces that are both on-trend and timeless. The artTECA woman lives a dynamic, on-the-go life and doesn’t want to blend in. Instead she uses her unique style to stand out in the crowd. Whether it’s at home, at the office or at a social event-you can always spot an artTECA woman.

Are you an artTECA woman?

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