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Accessories Magazine: Item of The Day, ArtTECA Collage Print Scarf

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In Item of the DayWhat's New by Christine Galasso 

Art and fashion are two worlds that often collide, by way of bright colors, sculptural lines, prints that pop and the list goes on. And while we love Rei Kawakubo’s avant-garde approach to fashion and Christian Lacroix’s artistic creations, they’re not exactly looks we can wear every day. Luckily we came across artTECA to ease our artistic frustrations.

The name of the site, artTECA, is a combination of two words: art and “teca” which is a Latin term meaning gallery. The idea was to create a fashion line inspired and designed by artists for a closet to look like a gallery of wardrobe pieces that empower and enhance our lives. Sign us up!


While searching the site we fell hard for the Collage Print Scarf, an oversized silk square style with a vibrant kaleidoscope print. The styling possibilities are endless (a sassy neck tie, hipster head wrap, a draped belt, etc.), but what we really loved was the story behind it.

The description told us that the print was taken from artist Pepe Mar’s 2014 artwork “The Duel.” It's multi-dimensional and fun appearance are very typical of his work, displayed on the scarf through a collage on wood made with various found objects and paper cuttings.

artTECA offers plenty of other scarf styles with works from contemporary artists, along with other fun accessories and clothing.



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