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Top Fall Trends this Season

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Fall is often regarded as the coziest of seasons; with all of it's warm colors and comfort-indulging styles. From knit cardigans to warm scarves, it's no wonder why this season is always a favorite when it comes to fashion. However, cozy styles are not the only ones taking center stage this season.

The top Fall trends this season are bold, fun and sophisticated. Let's dive in! 


Moody Patterns

It's not all year that you can wear deep color patterns and rich printed schemes. Fall is the perfect season to embrace moody florals and bold prints. You'll find this trend graced on everything from dresses to skirts and blouses and pants. Since this is a rather bold trend, try pairing the moody printed pieces with simple, and richly hued accessories.

Pale Pinks

On the other side of the spectrum, and quite an usual trend for so late in the year, is pale pink. We love how unexpected this color trend is and how it softens an often dark and masculine fashion season. Search for pale pink trench coats, cozy knits and accessories to embrace this trend!

Pajama Sets

Next up is a trend so good, it's quickly become a favorite of the season. Pajama sets are not just for bedtime any more, take these comfortable outfits to the street! Of course one of the greatest aspects of this trend is the comfort level, but make no mistake. The pajama set trend is anything but laid-back with bold patterns and luxe materials. You can find most pairing the sets with statement heels, chic purses and tousled hair.

Slingback Heels

Talk about fashion reinventing itself. We all can recall how popular the slingback heel was in 50's and then again in the 80's. We are seeing this heel make a serious comeback this Fall. Pair your slingback heels with straight-cut jeans, silk trousers or midi skirts for the ultimate Fall look.

Denim on Denim

One pairing that never goes out of style, regardless of season, is denim on denim. In fact, we like to think of this one as less of a trend and more of a go-to look during the Fall. While pairing two similar washes together looks great, reach for mixed denim washes to have even more fun with the look. As for accessories we love OTK (over the knee) boots, silk scarves and sneakers worn with denim on denim! 

Metallic Accents

This trend makes perfect sense to us. With Fall comes the start of the holiday season and one trend everyone can have fun with is metallics. Maybe it's the similarity between metallic fashion and the tinsel that decorates homes during this season, but we are definitely on board with this trend! Whether you opt to sport metallics via a bomber jacket, accordion pleated skirt of silk joggers, this is a great trend to get creative with!

Drawstring Trousers

Another comfort first trend, the drawstring trouser. We are big fans of pieces that are practical, without comprising style. That is a main aspect of there #artTECA collection  and why our Allover Silk Joggers are so popular. They also feature a drawstring waist and soft silk make perfect for not only trend, but any season!

That wraps the top Fall trends this season! What is your favorite trend this season and how are you incorporating it into your everyday style?


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