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Tips on How to Successfully Spring Clean Your Closet

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We are well into the Spring season, but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t time to roll up your sleeves and dive into some Spring Cleaning. Not only will your newly organized and simplified closet thank you, but the concept of Spring Cleaning is also good to refresh and recharge during a midpoint in the year-getting yourself prepared for the next half of the year.

Today we are sharing tips on how to successfully Spring clean your closet. You may think the idea is just to rummage on all fours through your closet and get rid of half of your clothes, but you can actually get more out of Spring Cleaning than that. The key step in this annual ritual is to focus on decluttering, recycling, donating, storing and maintaining complete closet organization for the remainder of the Spring and the entirety of Summer months.

The best way to begin the process of Spring Cleaning is to ask these six questions with each piece in your closet:

  • Does this fit?
  • Have I worn this in the past year?
  • How likely am I to wear this again?
  • Is this piece currently in style and/or does it represent my current personal style?
  • If I was shopping right now, would I buy this?
  • If the piece is broken, missing buttons, has tears etc.-how likely am I to repair this piece?

Another important thing to remember when Spring Cleaning: any items you no longer want, remember to donate.

While Spring Cleaning can appear more like a chore than a fun way to freshen up your living, if you keep in mind that the pieces you get rid of are going to a worthy cause, it adds a heartfelt and exciting appeal to the task. Just because you no longer love something doesn’t mean someone else won’t love it like you once did. Or maybe someone actually needs it. Some nation-wide places to donate are Goodwill, Vietnam Veterans of America, homeless shelters and animal shelters (for blankets and towels primarily). Or you can research great local opportunities to donate somewhere near you.

Reorganize to utilize floor space.

Spring Cleaning doesn’t only mean finding things to keep or get rid of. It also means giving special attention to spaces in your closet that aren’t being utilized to their full potential. One particular area in your closet that should never go to waste is the floor space. Think about using shoes racks as they save space by allowing you to stack in layers. The same rule applies to shelf space. Hang what you can and save floor space only for larger, bulkier items.

Replace for the season.

Now is the time to swap your wool for cotton and put away your winter pieces in the back of the closet. Move your lightweight and transitional/layering pieces, along with recent purchases, toward the front of your closet. Look for pieces made of breathable material, like silk tank tops and silk pants to add to your Spring and Summer wardrobe.

Embrace a system of organization.

Now that your closet is filled with pieces you still love, wear and are seasonally appropriate-it’s time to decide on how to organize these pieces. This could mean coordinating everything by color, garment type or level of dressiness. However, remember that in order to implement more space, fold sweaters, roll t-shirts, stack denim and hang everything else.

Health and wellness benefits of Spring Cleaning.

It turns out that de-cluttering can alleviate anxiety, boost your mood and strengthen your productivity. Also, those who commit to clearing out the clutter annually during Spring Cleaning are able to free up the brain for more essential decision-making, according to a study carried out by the founder of America’s Anxiety Disorder Center.

Now that we’ve shared the tips on how to successfully Spring clean your closet, are you ready to take on Spring Cleaning this season?

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