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The Evolution of Street Style

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Today, street style has manifested itself in an ever-evolving niche industry, increasing sales for fashion brands and inspiring fashion media. Not to mention, the street style evolution has blossomed some of the country's leading fashion bloggers such as The Blonde Salad and Gary Pepper Girl, who these days produce street style inspiration in collaboration with their own creative teams. This has then resulted in many top tier bloggers getting gigs as brand ambassadors and even becoming designers.

The Evolution of Street Style

So, how did the street style phenomenon begin? Most people cite Bill Cunningham as the first street-style photographer. He began snapping candid photographs of people on the street in 1978 for the New York Times, finding trends among them. His subjects were as diverse as the cities he shot them in, and truly representative of the time's current fashion.

One of the next leaders of the movement being with a photographer for, named Scott Schuman, who started to take pictures of fashion show attendees. He has since created his world-famous blog, The Sartorialist

Although Schuman led the pack, there were a handful of other trend-setting photographers that joined him at the beginning of street style. Face Hunter’s Yvan Rodic, Jak & Jil’s Tommy Ton, and Street Peeper’s Phil Oh.

These originators broke the fashion ceiling and soon what was happening outside of the fashion shows was just as interesting and inspiring as the looks walking down the runways. The industry, from couture to fast-fashion, was using the street style captured to inspire collections and lines.

The Evolution of Street Style

Over the recent years, the street style movement has certainly gained a bit of backlash. As with most trends that catch on, some began to view it as in-authentic. However, regardless of any negativity, street style is here to stay. If for any reason, because it remains the only place everyday fashion lovers and gawkers have left to look for fashion creativity that can actually be obtainable. While that same demographic may still love flipping through the glossy pages of a fantasy fashion editorial shoot, few can relate or draw any inspiration from those larger than life styled shoots.

“Street style for me has never been about who the person is,” he told me. "My intention has always been to inspire creative people with images that make you dream.” -Scott Schuman

As a tribute to the evolution of street style, we have gathered some street style inspiration featuring our very own #artTECA Wearable Art pieces!

The Evolution of Street Style


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