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The Best Tips on How to Dress for Success

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One of the most impressive and wonderful aspects of women going after their dreams is that fact that their success is not defined by their age, ethnicity or even industry of work. We are living in an exciting time where women can look to each other for support, inspiration and guidance to achieve dreams and success. And although the world’s leading business ladies come from every background in culture and field of work, there is one thing that many of these women have in common: style.

Whether their style is classic, bold, feminine or structured because we have learned that what we wear matters, taking note of these details can help achieve success while looking chic and timeless.

The Best Tips on How to Dress for Success

Accessorize Perfectly

Accessories can easily take an outfit from looking somewhat ordinary to looking sharp and getting heads to turn. Whether this is a handbag, jewelry or silk scarf, great accessories may be the easiest way to elevate an ensemble. Since accessories act as the centerpiece of outfits, options like a belt or scarf can even take a look from outdated to current and trendy.

Accessories can also help you transition from one situation to the next, without having to pull off a full costume change. A good rule of thumb is to begin your look with a sleek and tailored pant, skirt or complete suit. Then begin pairing your outfit with feminine touches such as printed silk scarves, to create a softer look. You can also do this by layering necklaces, bracelets or even a playful and bold pair of glasses, should you wear them.

Quality Over Quantity

Successful women are known to be frugal with money. After all, if you have spent enough time in the business world, you will learn a thing or two about saving and building capital. However, successful women also know when to open their wallets and what to spend their money on. This includes investing in quality additions to their wardrobe.

One main reason for this is time-efficiency, as many successful women high up on the business totem pole don’t always have the time to bargain hunt. Therefore, shopping becomes an investment and successful women shop for longevity and pieces that will last. This also means searching and investing in wardrobe pieces that are versatile and transcend seasons and trends, to avoid having to purchase “seasonal pieces” every new season. One tactic to incorporate into your shopping is to pay close attention to the quality of the fabric, stitching and being sure to inspect every small detail before making a purchase.

Think about adding to your closet classic styles like a printed silk blouse, a neutral leather handbag, a cashmere cardigan or a sleek and comfortable pair of black heels. All of these will last for years to come. Once you have chosen which quality pieces to purchase, the next step is to properly care for them. Look into how to clean them, either professionally or self. Also continuously check your closet for moths, humidity or mold as all of these adversely affect your quality pieces. And be sure to use hangers that won’t damage the clothes. Lastly, remember the power or a steamer or iron. Adding a freshly pressed finish to your look offers a refined touch, even to pieces that have been with you for years.

Always Tailor Your Clothes

Did you know a major percentage of women wear clothes that don’t fit them properly? Even if you like the way an outfit looks on you, you may actually love it should you tailor it properly. Fashion journalist Teri Agins writes the popular Ask Teri column for the Wall Street Journal and shares “Alterations are a great way to make you look great. Because even if you’re wearing something very casual, if it fits well, your posture is going to be better, you’re going to stand taller, and you’re just going to look more authoritative.”

Especially women who work in a business attire environment, where pant and skirt suits are often the outfit of choice, giving your investment pieces the true attention they deserve by having them altered and tailored to your body will make not only a visible difference but emotional too. Studies have shown wearing clothes that fit well create a confidence boost and also have a positive change on the way others view you.

Dan Lawson, the costume designer for the main female roles on The Good Wife, agrees. He says, “Your clothes have to fit you. It has to look like you command the clothes, not that the clothes are commanding or wearing you. “It’s important to feel confident from inside and let that wardrobe support that. It’s good to put on clothes that you feel good in.”

The Best Tips on How to Dress for Success continued…

Keep These Three Concepts In Mind

Successful women who know the importance their style plays in their leadership, keep a few things in mind while getting dressed every morning.

  1. Dressing is half your personality and half your audience. While the importance of allowing your individuality to shine through your wardrobe is evident, remember that you will only go so far with a positive impression if you don’t keep in mind your specific audience. For example, situations such as important meetings or landing a great first impression on a new client are two instances where a successful woman dresses with an acute sense of awareness of her audience. “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” —Rachel Zoe
  2. You need to own your signature style. Recognizing and embracing your signature style will not only help you put together outfits each morning, but it will also have a lasting impression on those around you. Whether you choose to have a rotation of luxurious silk blouses that you change up with different bottom and accessories, or maybe it’s always adding a printed silk scarf to outfit to top off your look-owning your signature style choices will allow you to command your style and exude confidence and self-awareness. “Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.” —Gianni Versace
  3. Find your pair of perfect-fitting jeans. True, not every woman can wear jeans to her workplace. However, off-duty style is another aspect of a successful woman’s life that is given close attention. To keep sophistication and poise, jeans are one of the best casual pieces to be both comfortable and chic in. Although every article of clothing should fit wonderfully, jeans are a wardrobe piece that should fit perfectly and embrace your curves and body structure. Opt for a pair that has a darker wash and mid-level waist. “Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.” —Alexander Wang


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