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Summer 2017 Fashion Trends to Try

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Summer is in full swing. That means it's times for colorful accessories, floral prints and embracing the sunshine. Today we are going to share Summer 2017 fashion trends to try that are fun, chic and perfect for anyone!

Off the Shoulder Tops

We always love to see trends that are not only stylish, but practical too. During the Summer months, the weather can be grueling in some parts of the world. And while we are sure most enjoy sunny days as much as the next woman, we are all trying to find ways to beat the heat. Enter off the shoulder tops. This trend keeps you cool while looking chic.


We love a good pattern. Especially one as classic as stripes. The truth is, at given time we can all find a few striped garments in our closet throughout the year-making it a practical pattern to keep in your closet for when stripes become a hot trend. Like this Summer, stripes are everywhere. Dresses, tops, even accessories.

Bold PinkEvery Summer brings a bold color that you can find everywhere. This Summer it's bold pink. Bold pink isn't only a fun color to mix and match with your favorite closet pieces, but we all love a summer glow and bold pink happens to pair beautifully with bronzed skin.

White Shirt Dress

One piece that you can wear over and over again, all year long? Yes, please. Even though the white shirt dress is on major trend during this Summer, we love that this piece looks perfect paired strappy sandals during the Summer and with knee high boots and a silk scarf during the Fall.

Flower Pattern

Perhaps unoriginal, but on trend nonetheless. Floral pattern never goes out of style during the Summer. We're seeing it in bold color schemes and more subtle and softer shades too. Investing in floral pattern garments is always a good idea, as you will be able to wear and style these pieces for 6 months out of the year (which is including Spring, too).


This pattern has always held a timeless essence that makes it an absolute must to have in your wardrobe. Gingham carries a lovely vibe that immediately transports you to the French country side or the streets of a southern coastal city. So, it's no wonder it has become synonymous with summer time. This summer is no different and we are seeing the pattern on skirts, dresses and everything in between.  

Bold Earrings

Bold accessories are always a good idea, and during the Summer they can lend to freshening up a simple white tee and straw hat or add some flare to an a-line dress and sandals outfit in no time. While you can find them with neutral and metallic details, there are tons of fun and whimsical styles that are full of color and personality-making them perfect for the season.


Now that we have shared the top summer 2017 fashion trends to try, here are a few tips on how to embrace the seasonal trends with practicality.

  • Don't sacrifice your personal style for a trend. Do you never wear earrings or only wear simple studs? Don't feel pressured into the bold earrings trend, just because it;s what everyone else is wearing. Instead, find ways to embrace another bold accessory. Maybe add a colorful scarf or statement belt to your outfit.
  • Invest in trendy pieces that are also versatile. As mentioned previously, even particular seasonal trends can be styled in ways that are still relevant and stylish in other seasons / months of the year too. For instance, stripes. Stripes may be all the rage right now for Summer, but the pattern can also be styled perfectly for Fall and Winter too-making it a great trend to invest in.
  • Don't buy in bulk. What we mean by this is don't go trend-crazy. Maybe you are loving the gingham trend and buying piece after piece. At the end of Summer you amy realize you have 10+ pieces of clothing that will soon be out of style or less workable into your daily looks. Instead, opt for 1-3 pieces in each trend that you can style in versatile ways and wear over and over again all season long.
  • Don't toss old trends. Think that's it for a trend after the season has ended? Think again. In one lifetime alone, we can see one particular trend cycle itself a few times, making you wish you hadn't tossed your trendy pieces. However, we do understand that not everyone has the storage/space to keep all of their once-trendy garments. So, we recommend keeping at least one of each trend's pieces, as long as you still love the garment and it still fits. Remember, fashion's evolution consists mainly of styles and trends reinventing themselves.


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