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Looking Back at 2015, a note from Artteca Founders

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 2015 was a special year for Artteca. This was the year our brand came to life.

An idea that formed as a New Year’s Resolution over a cup of coffee one morning, has flourished into a reality. Artteca began as a desire to create something unique and special, a one-of-a-kind luxury brand that would fuse two passions: art and fashion design.

The vision for Artteca began as a brand that would put quality first, so finding high grade fabrics and materials, superior printing methods and top-notch manufacturing was one of our main objectives. The other mission behind our brand was to create collectable items. We wanted to deliver a unique experience to our customers, giving them the opportunity to purchase “wearable art” via limited edition pieces that could only be found at Artteca. We wanted to give our community of customers the chance to fully immerse themselves in the world of contemporary art through a fresh and different medium: fashion.

Artteca’s first collection was curated by choosing established and immensely talented contemporary artists from all over the globe. We searched high and low for the perfect artists that would dive in and venture into breaking apart from their traditional way of creating art and explore a new medium: textile.

We wanted to collaborate with a creative and diverse group of artists that could bring a fresh, cool and unconventional look and feel to our brand. It was important to offer our collectors a variety of limited edition wearable art: from the bright, colorful, edgy works to more harmonious and balanced pieces. Our styles would target contemporary, stylish women and would excite fashion and art enthusiasts alike to bring them exactly what their wardrobe needs.

Through our website, we wanted to provide our collectors (you!) real insight on the uniqueness of each piece, just like an artwork exhibited at a Museum by sharing the fascinating story behind each artist, their designs, and the inspiration behind each piece. Also, finding a philanthropic purpose for our brand was what inspired us to partner with the non-profit Bakehouse Art Complex to support art programs in public schools through the donation of a percentage of our sales.

Overall, 2015 was a year of preparation, hard work, new relationships and learning experiences. The result exceeded all expectations and projections that we envisioned over a cappuccino just a year ago. Our dream came true and one thing is certain: we have and will continue to put into this brand all of our dedication, determination and most importantly our hearts.

We are excited for the future of Artteca and we are thrilled and eager to watch this brand grow thanks to our team, our collaborating artists and our demanding, yet bold collectors.

Cheers to the new year and hoping to spend it with you!

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