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How We Work With Artists: A Q/A with artTECA Founders

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There is no doubt that one of the biggest aspects that separates the artTECA brand from others is the unique process in which founders and sister duo Claudia and Flavia work with talented contemporary artists to bring the designs to life. From the artist selection process, to collaborating on which artworks to feature and how, it's an experience specific to the artTECA brand and today we are giving you a behind the scenes peek at it! 

How We Work With Artists: A Q/A with artTECA Founders 

How We Work With Artists: A Q/A with artTECA Founders

BTS photo of artTECA artist Wendy White (photo from @dubz19)

How do you chose the artists that you work with?

Flavia: We are always looking for established or emerging artists to collaborate. We are constantly looking in museums, well-known galleries, art fairs and art publications. Loving the art is obviously a must but we also have to consider the style that we are designing. Not every art works for everything. We already know what our clients like and the kind of print that works for a certain style. We usually choose art that pushes boundaries a little in terms of patterns and color.

Tell us about the collaborative process

Flavia: Once we identify an artist  and they agree to adventure into a collaboration we usually go through their portfolio of artworks. We identify which works we believe would be ideal for the styles and we work in several proposals regarding fabric patterns and designs that go back and forth with the artists until we achieve something we both love. Sometimes we work with the art as it is and sometimes we pick a certain elements of the artwork and we come up with something different. It's a creative and fun process.

Is there any limitations in terms of the medium?

Claudia: Not really. We have used art that is done in oil, acrylic, charcoal, spray paint, collage, paper, canvas, textiles, wood. We have experimented with art from different mediums and we still want to venture into many more. All our fabrics are digitally printed, so what we really want is the printed fabric to be as true to the original artwork in terms of color and details.

What are your plans for 2019?

Claudia: We are very happy designing and manufacturing all our pieces in Miami to maintain good quality so that is something we will continue to do. Also we will keep working with more artists trying new things, and this year we also wish to collaborate with other fashion designers too! We are looking forward to do more trunk shows and pop-up both in the US and abroad. 



How We Work With Artists: A Q/A with artTECA Founders

BTS photo of artTECA artist Gonzalo Fuenmayor (photo by @edsmitter)

While browsing through the artTECA collection, you will notice that on each product page is also a photo of the original work of art that inspired the piece. However, you may also discover that sometimes only a specific aspect or portion of the artwork is used to create the fashion piece.

How We Work With Artists: A Q/A with artTECA Founders

This is because artTECA founders Claudia and Flavia use their eye for fashion and art to look for what it is about an art piece that would translate perfectly into something can be worn. At times this is the entire artwork and other times the sisters choose just one element to create into a pattern that will work seamlessly onto fabric and become something both flattering and unique.

And with every purchase of an artTECA wearable art piece comes a limited edition certificate that gives reference to each artist and their artwork that inspired the print.

How We Work With Artists: A Q/A with artTECA Founders


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