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Steps to Learning How to Wear Prints

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If you are just easing into including prints in your outfit rotation, it's a good idea to balance patterns conservatively. And the more whimsical a pattern, the simpler you want to keep your other pieces. Think simple structures like pencil skirts, cigarette pants and black blazers. These separates not only help balance prints, but also keep outfits sleek, even with statement patterns.

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Another great way to get yourself familiar with prints is to wear them like a French girl. French style is synonymous with simplicity in it's structure and feminine in its formula, making a style that is timeless and carefree. Simply flip through a vogue or search online and you'll find plenty of French fashion inspiration. One thing you'll notice is that the prints are generally small and neutral.

Once you have experimented with styling small pops of print, take it a step further. Get bolder with pieces. This means switching your smaller patterned pieces like printed scarves, with more boldly proportional patterned pieces like printed pants. It's about reaching for statement pieces instead of smaller accessories.

When you start feeling like print pro, then you are ready to start mixing it up. You no longer have to pair your favorite patterned pieces with solid-colored separates. Instead, start pairing your favorite prints together. There are two rules that will help you master mixing prints: First is to choose a common color that is present in both of the prints. Second is to choose a neutral print as one of the pieces. Always sticking to one of these two rules will help your mixed print outfits keep that fun vibe, but remain sophisticated.

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One style tip to keep in mind and put into practice regardless of where you are in your print style journey, is to be mindful of your accessories. Shoes, handbags etc. These are all accessories that should remain simple in structure and detail when styling printed clothing. Simple accessories help keep your outfit looking modern, fresh and relevant in any workplace or off-duty space.



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