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How to Wear a Designer Blouse

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A designer blouse is one of those wardrobe pieces that can easily become a staple in any women's closet, because of it's classic and timeless style. The designer blouse adds sophistication to your outfit rotation, while remaining a simple piece to effortlessly style.

Regardless of your personal style, this is one separate that offers endless versatility and countless outfit combinations. Therefore, today we are sharing how to wear a designer blouse.

Give it an Edge.


Even a classic staple such as a designer blouse can still look edgy. To do this, pair your favorite blouses with statement materials like leather or velvet. You can opt for a leather skirt or velvet jacket. You can also wear your designer blouse with an edgy pair of denim. Either a jean that has a distinct hem or unique pattern.

Keep it Classic.


Giving designer blouses added sophistication is an easy feat, considering they are classic pieces all on their own. However, if you want to add an extra layer of modern sophistication to your outfits, look to pair your blouse with wide leg and dark denim or tailored trousers.

Stick to Basics.

Although a designer blouse is anything but basic, it's easy to bring this piece back to simplicity by wearing your it with wardrobe staples you have in your closet year-around. We are talking about boyfriends jeans, trench coats and overalls. Pairing your designer blouse with these type of pieces gives it an effortless, laid-back feel.

Juxtapose with Length.


Play with the long-sleeve length of your designer blouse and wear it with a shorter skirt to have length juxtaposition within your outfit. This is one of the chic ways to style your blouse during the warmer Spring and Summer months too.

Go Monotone.


Keep the sleek aesthetic of your designer blouse going strong by choosing to style it with similar color shades. A monotone look never goes out of style and is perfect for any season, which gives you an opportunity to wear your designer blouse all year long.

Pair with a High Waist.

High waisted denim is having another big moment right now, so it's the perfect time time bring out your mom jeans and pair them with your favorite designer blouse. This style mix is a balanced combination of classic and trendy-so fun!


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