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How to Master Transitional Style

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1. Throw an overcoat on top of your jeans and sneakers look.

All summer long we've been wearing casual outfits, maybe the most being a pair of jeans and our favorite sneakers. No need to ditch this comfy look, instead polish it off and give it a Fall touch with a chic overcoat. 

2. Summer skirt with a light sweater.

How to Master Transitional Style

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Maxi skirts, midi skirts and mini skirts alike-give them a cozy take by wearing them with a light sweater. We love a chunky knit or cropped style!

3. Drape a blazer over your silk camis.

Delicate silk camis are a perfect piece for both Summer and Fall. While in summer they work all by themselves, when Fall rolls in, reach for an oversized or boxy blazer to wear on top of these feminine pieces.

4. Wear some booties with shorts and skirts.

It's time to reach to the back of your closet for your boots. There is still time to show off your gams and your summer tan, just transition your shorter bottom pieces with booties instead of sandals.

5. Pair your floral dresses with a sleek leather jacket.

How to Master Transitional Style

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How many floral dresses did wear this summer? Too many to count. Luckily, the fun doesn't have to stop for Fall. Grab your favorite flowery frock and pair it with an edgy leather jacket and give those girly dresses a little rock n' roll vibes.

6. Style dark separates with your light denim.

How to Master Transitional Style

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Light denim is the denim of summer. White, light wash, pastels...whatever the color, make it work for the next season by wearing it with dark separates. Pieces like a maroon blouse, hunter green coat or navy blue heel.

7. Wear a long sleeve blouse underneath your slip dress.


Slip dresses have kept us cool and sultry during the heat of the summer. Now for Fall and when the weather starts cooling down, give your slip dress a trendy twist by wearing a long sleeve blouse or even button down underneath.

8. Toss a bomber jacket over your colorful jumpsuits.

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No doubt that summer is the season of printed and vibrant jumpsuits. They are fun pieces that have become synonymous with the sunny season. By wearing a bomber jacket over them, you're giving these pieces an edge that's perfect for Fall.


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