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How to Decide if a Fashion Trend Works for You

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You know the feeling…

It is a new season and you are going to take it on with a season-embracing wardrobe, so you are looking into what trends are on the forefront of fashion at the moment. But where do you take the plunge? Which trends do you decide to give into and spend the money on? Today we are sharing some tips how to decide if a fashion trend works for you.

First step, make sure you have a defined style.

Remember, it’s easier to have fun with a trend and know what works for you when you are not finding ways to validate your style and instead have already determined your personal style-even if it is always evolving. Keep your fashion identity strong. How can do this? Try to describe your current style in a few words.  Is it classic, glamorous or boho? Do you enjoy putting together casual and laid-back looks, or dressier outfits?

Here are some ideas that will help you further explore your style and figure out which trends work for you:

  • Make a Pinterest board. Search and pin the images with outfits and pieces that most resonate with you. Once you have a significant amount if pinned looks, try to find common elements amongst them.
  • Take your lifestyle into account. Your everyday style should fit and support your overall lifestyle. Otherwise, you might end up having your trendy pieces spend more time in your closet than on your body.

Now that you are confident in your style, does the newest trend on the market fit into you personal style? Before investing in a trend, make sure it will fit seamlessly into your existing wardrobe. A good rule of thumb is try to create at least three outfits that you can include the trendy piece in. If you can do this, then you should be good to go.

Next step, how transcending is the trend? Can you see the pieces being easily adaptable into other seasons?

Try to only incorporate into your wardrobe pieces that fit into trend categories, so you never purchase items that are too challenging or distinctive. Stick to trends in colors, cuts and materials. These type of trends will carry on to other seasons and even overlap into other trends. Plus, this is a great way to get more bang for your buck.

Let’s talk money.

While there are always plenty of opportunities to invest in classic pieces that could last you for years to come. When it comes to trends, stick to ones that will not break your bank. You really never know how long a trend will stick around.

Remember, although trends may seem new sometimes, they are just reoccurring styles that are currently popular. So a good tip is to visit thrift stores for those once precious gems that are in favor again. It’s a great way to be able to embrace the ever-changing trends on a budget.

Does the trend fit into your lifestyle?

Faux fur vests may be all-the-rage, but if you live in a warm climate, it is not a trend that is not for you. However, this can be an excuse to get creative and interpret trends within your own lifestyle. If the fit and flattery is something that concerns you, there are plenty of ways to incorporate trends that work best with your figure.

If you like the boyfriend jeans trend, but can’t make them work yourself, try a different style of relaxed fitting jeans. Or if bright white seems wonderfully chic, but washes your skin tone out, consider a garment piece in that color that would be worn well away from your complexion-like an accessory or even shoe.

Would I wear this if it wasn’t actually a trend?

Trends can help expose our fashion sense to new style possibilities, but when you are deciding on whether or not to participate, you should think about whether you are wearing the pieces only because it is “on-trend”, or because you would wear it regardless of it’s popularity, or both. Try to not dive head first into a new trend if you are only purchasing it because of it’s it-girl factor. Wear trends only if they truly embrace your style.

It is also great to incorporate this tip into your decisions so that after the trend fades out, you are not left with once-trendy pieces you no longer want to wear. A trend may be fashion-forward now, but no one can ever know when it will be on the forefront of fashion again. So before you purchase, determine if you would be willing to continue to include the trendy piece into your wardrobe past its prime.

Now you have five tips to help guide your decisions on trends. But what if “trendy” items are not really your thing? There are countless women who have chosen to embrace coming and going trends light-heartedly. These women do this within the classic and timeless wardrobe they have created. That is where artTECA comes in.

It is totally possible to look on-trend and current without constantly adding new pieces to your closet or spending a bundle each season. To do this, choose wardrobe pieces that are transcendental and are not limited by current seasons or trends. Shopping at artTECA makes this possible with the collection’s effortlessly elegant pieces. Each piece can both adapt to trends or stand timeless on their own. Now you know how to decide if a fashion trend works for you!

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