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How Art Makes You Happier

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While we've known for decades the talent behind art and the beauty it offers, we haven't always known the positive affect it has on our minds and health. We've made art fashionable here at artTECA, because we know the how the vibrancy and uniqueness of art translates seamlessly into fashion and is a modern vehicle of self-expression.

Today we're going to take a look deeper into how art makes you happier and why you should strive to incorporate it into your lifestyle.

How Art Makes You Happier

Let's start with the science. University of College Londons' professor and neurobiologist Semir Zeki led a study that proved simply looking at an art piece can lead to the same psychological effect and euphoric reaction of romantic love. And we all know how wonderful it feels to be in love.

Further breakdown of this study showed that when the subjects would look at art they considered favorable, there was an increase in their levels of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. In laymen's terms, this means looking at art triggered activity in the brain’s pleasure center, so much so as mimicking love or drug intoxication.

In a more metaphysical approach, art allows one to see the world through a filter of two different perspectives, which magnifies the condition of brain activity. The two perspectives are: their own viewpoint and the artist's reality of their work. This automatically requires a person to conduct complex thinking.

One of the most common ways we have known art to benefit us, is how it offers the physical and mental health benefits of self-expression. However, this is reserved for the artist-the one creating the art. This is where innovative brands like artTECA have paved a path for women to use art as a way to embrace their personal style and individuality.

Here at artTECA, we wanted to extend that unique form of artistic self-expression from the artist to the art and fashion enthusiast. Wearable art is a bridged gap that fuses two worlds, and because we believe in designing practical and versatile pieces, women can know enjoy the two forms of expression in their everyday life. 


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