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Here is What to do on Sundays to Have a More Productive Week

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Regardless of the industry we work in, we can all agree that utilizing the weekend to not only to wind-down, relax and take a step back from the hustle of the work week, but also for looking forward and planning, will prepare you mentally and physically for each week. We have heard the saying ” A goal without a plan is just a wish”. This speaks volumes to the importance of setting aside time for preparation and perseverance, no matter what field of work we are in. Business moguls and industry experts alike have been known to recommend Sundays as a day to reflect and prepare. Let’s take a look at the ways we can use that day to make the most of every week.

Here is What to do on Sundays to Have a More Productive Week

  1. Consider Sundays the first day of the week. As a culture, we have created the weekend concept that maps out Monday as the beginning of the week. However, if we consider Sundays the true start of the week, we will strengthen our mentality and drive for productivity on Sundays-even if we do have the day off.
  2. Just because you designate Sundays as your weekly planning day, does not mean you lose out on one of your weekend days. The reality is, you can set aside just one hour to do prepare for the week. “Taking no more than an hour out from your Sunday to anticipate the week ahead and get organized will help you free up head space and reduce worry,” says Christine M. Allen, Ph.D., a psychologist. This can even be done while binge-watching your favorite Netflix show, hanging out by the pool or whatever your Sunday activities include of.
  3. Let’s face it, food is brain fuel. When we do not eat the best we can, we will not have the best possible amount of energy and sharpness. “Food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance”, says the Harvard Business Review. Choose Sundays to toss out all expired or questionable food, go grocery or healthy snack shopping and meal prep healthy snacks for the week. Even if the thought of meal prepping sounds daunting, remember you can opt to just prep snacks instead of entire meals, which will save you a lot of time and keep you fueled with the good stuff during the week
  4. Decide what your intentions are for the week. Even before you take out your agenda or look at your phone’s calendar, decide what it is you are going to do first, as you need to know what you want to accomplish that week before you decide how to accomplish it. Write these things down and then schedule those activities, so you can glance at your week as a whole.
  5. Add meaning to your Sundays. It’s all too easy to veg on the couch all day, but making your Sunday’s a day of purpose kickstarts your week in a positive and energetic way. This could be volunteering, meditating or getting active. 
  6. Plan your outfits for the week. We have discussed the importance of color in fashion choices, as well as how fashion affects your psyche. Because of the importance of your outfits and style during the work week, use Sunday’s as a time to prepare chic looks for the week. This will keep you mindful of your outfits, while reducing the amount of time and stress exhausted on weekday mornings.
  7. If your week looks hectic, spend a little bit of time tidying up your home. While this might not sound like the funnest activity to do on a Sunday, choosing to do a little cleaning on a relaxed weekend day is much less stressful than on a busy weekday. Research has proven that our home environment plays a large role in our stress levels and mental health, so the importance of waking up in and coming home to an organized and clean space is essential for a productive week.
  8. Time management expert Laura Vanderkam says to maximize your weekend mornings. She recommends maximizing mornings as oppose to middays because “It’s less disruptive”. Use your Sunday mornings for personal pursuit and growth, before catering to anyone else.
  9. Even if you’re not religious, observing a “technology Sabbath” is good for your brain. Every Sunday, carve out a stretch of time to spend apart from your computer and phone, and make time for some real-time and real-life moments.
  10. Treat yourself. Maybe this is shopping at your favorite online fashion boutique, scheduling a massage or indulging in a glass of wine. Remember you deserve to enjoy the perks of working hard and accomplishing goals throughout the week.

What are some of the ways you use Sundays to have a more productive week? As a boutique catered towards the diverse, complex and on-the-go woman, we embrace a community of women learning new ways to evolve and become the best versions of themselves they can be. Share your comments below!

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