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Here is How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

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We all know that shopping can be fun, but it can also evolve into an excessive habit that can have you creating a wardrobe that isn't unique or perfectly curated for you and your style.

To avoid this is from happening, it's all about being more conscious and mindful when shopping. One way to master sensible shopping is to consider building acapsule wardrobe. However, not only does a capsule wardrobe make for more sense of awareness when adding to your closet, but it also leads to a more refined personal style that better reflects your individuality and unique taste.

By definition, a capsule wardrobe is a set number of clothes that can easily be mixed and matched with one another to create numerous outfit choices.

Step One: The first step to creating a capsule wardrobe and keeping it under control is to set a number of pieces that should be in your capsule. While there are various opinions on how many pieces should be in a capsule, Project 333 says 33 pieces can be cycled every 3 months (to coincide with the seasons). Perhaps this number works for you. Regardless, there is no right or wrong number. The main objective is simply to choose a number and then maintain it.

Step Two: Choose your neutral essentials. These are tops and bottoms that are solid colors, like black, white, gray, chambray and beige. It is preferable that you pick pieces that are classic, so they have less of a chance of going out of style. Some examples would be a black tee, white button-up shirt, gray sweater, beige long sleeve tee etc.

Alternative: If you are someone who prefers a more colorful closet, than instead of neutrals, define a palette of three or four colors you love wearing that work seamlessly with a range of items such as shirts, pants, jackets, shoes etc.

Step Three: Choose your accent pieces. These are a handful of pieces that represent your style identity; they are garments that will add flare to your neutral essentials and pair perfectly with them. These pieces can be a printed silk scarf, colorful button-up shirt or statement necklace. It is these accent pieces that will bring your closet to life.

Step Four: Add layers to your closet. This can be a couple of blazers, jackets and/or coats if the weather-permits. Not only is this practical and functional for both fashion and lifestyle, but this is also another way to add texture and color to your capsule wardrobe.

Step Five: Choose your shoes and handbags. For the shoes, decide on 1-2 pairs in a base color such as navy or black. Then add a 1-2 nude neutral pairs, depending on your lifestyle this can be heels or flats. Lastly, add a couple casual pairs such as sneakers, boots or sandals. Again, this choice will depend on your specific lifestyle and location.

For handbags, choose three. One dressier style, such as a clutch. Another everyday style, such as a cross body or boho purse. And your last one should be a timeless and classic satchel style that can be worn to anything from a nice dinner to an office meeting.

If you are thinking this is easier said than done, you are right. However, the benefits of having a capsule wardrobe are numerous and doing so has been done by some of the most intelligent people such as Steve Jobs, President Barak Obama and Mark Zuckerberg.

Are those people not chic enough to convince you? Well then consider this: parisian style. The infamous sense of style from French women has long been envied and mimicked by women all over the world for decades. Why? Because it's basic, effortless and chic.

In fact, most women who embrace that classic parisian style resort to only five pieces:

  1. A top such as a white button-down, silk blouse, black dress or cashmere sweater; alongside three basic tees in black, grey and white.
  2. One jacket such as a trench, black blazer, moto jacket or seasonal coat.
  3. A shoe such as a neutral ballet flat, pointed-toe heels or mid-ankle boot.
  4. A bottom such as black trousers, black skirt, boyfriend jeans or black tailored shorts.
  5. An accessory such as timeless earrings like diamond earrings, a watch, leather bag or silk scarf.

That's it. And French women have been killing the style game for years. So what are you waiting for? Try it out and if you don't think you can fully commit to a strict capsule wardrobe, at least embrace some of the healthy and encouraging lifestyle adjustments that can help you live with a more curated closet and style.


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