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Get Inspired: What to Wear to Work

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Did you know the average woman spends over 2,000 hours at her workplace each year? That’s way too many hours to not have fun with what you wear to work and to not dress your best at the office. (Even if your work from your home office.) It’s time to embrace the concept of “when you look good, you feel good”.

So what are the rules when it comes to office attire? There are no rules….well, sort of. It 2016 and the fashion sphere has completely reinvented what it means to be workplace chic. Today we’re diving into office outfits ideas, the fashion bloggers that provide the best style inspiration, the few don’t-do’s and how you can effortlessly and stylishly wear artTECA in your office.

Fashion blogs are a great place to draw outfit inspiration from and we’ve rounded up a list of fashion bloggers whose style is perfect for dressing up and getting creative with your office wear.

Fashion Bloggers that Inspire Chic Professional Looks

This Time Tomorrow

Why we love her: Krystal is genius at embracing neutrals and trends and turing them into edgy and airy ensembles. She offers a refreshing take on simple, yet sophisticated looks.

Pink Peonies

Why we love her: Rachel puts a classic and modern spin on all of her uber feminine outfits. She embraces bold prints and has mastered accessorizing her looks.

9 to 5 Chic

Why we love her: Anh knows how to take a monotone look and turn up the chic. Whether it’s an oversized sweater or cropped pants, she finds the perfect flattering balance in each of her outfits.


Why we love her: Blair somehow manages to take classic staples and make them look brand new again with her smart and sophisticated styling. Not to mention, her handbag game is on point.

Gal Meets Glam

Why we love her: Julia’s outfits are a breath of fresh air. This blogger knows how to make the most of a dress, skirt or trousers and styles them to absolutely perfection.

It may be 2016 and most of those strict office attire rules are out the door, but there are still a handful of simple guidelines to adhere to when it comes to work outfits.

1. Shorts

But not all shorts. It’s pretty obvious that daisy dukes are always a no-go at the office, but longer styles such as bermuda shorts can actually work with a tailored blazer and sleek heels. As always, each outfit choice should be made at the discretion of the office dress code. If bermuda shorts are not an option at your office, opt for a pair of cropped pants or culottes.

2. Crop tops

One essential rule for avoiding a fashion faux pas is to avoid showing too much skin. Midriff-baring clothing in the office is another one of those. However, a crop top can work perfectly when paired with high-waisted trousers or a high-waisted skirt when it’s met perfectly at the seam.

3. Flip-flops, gladiator sandals and other casual footwear

Although open toed and sandal style heels are no longer a completely prohibited in a professional atmosphere, there are few specific types of styles that are still too casual. First would be any sandal that straps higher than your ankle, for instance a knee-high gladiator sandals are a bit too bold for an acceptable work attire. And if you’re opting for an open-toe shoe, choose one with a heel. While sneakers may be to progressive for most offices, a sleek pointed-toe flat or oxford shoe would be comfortably chic option.

4. Halter tops and anything strapless

While tank tops have come along way, today you can shop elegant and sophisticated styles that work perfectly tucked into a pencil skirt or beneath a blazer, some other sleeveless options just don’t work. Halter tops and strapless tops, even when covered by a cardigan or jacket are far too casual for any office space.

5. Anything sheer or too thin of fabric

There is so much beautiful clothing made of soft fabric that is lightweight, but unfortunately too thin and sheer for a professional environment. However, 100% silk separates are great investment pieces for the workplace.

Where is your one-stop-shop to up your office wear game? From vibrant blouses, to sophisticated yet edgy jogger-style pants, you’re workplace wardrobe will always stay fresh.

Let’s say goodbye to the age-old question of “What am I going to wear?” with these styling tips featuring artTECA pieces.

Neutral Blouse

How to style: Wear your neutral blouse with a statement necklace to add a fun detail to your look.

Edgy Trousers

How to style: Grab a pair of colorful, printed or modern fit trousers and pair them with simple accessories and separates.

Modern Silk Tank

How to style: Dress your sophisticated tank with a structured and neutral blazer.

Vibrant Blouse

How to style: Let the blouse do all of the talking and keep it simple with straight-leg pants and pointed pumps.

Patterned Tank

How to style: Have fun with your patterned tank and choose either similar or complimentary colors to style it with.

Feminine Blouse

How to style: When it comes to a feminine style separate, let it be the statement of the outfit and style it with sleek bottoms and neutral heels.

“We are moving into an era where personal expression is going to trump the desire to create a corporate identity. It’s a huge power shift.”  – Susan Scafadi, Founder of the Fashion Institute of Law

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