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Fashion Bloggers Styling Wearable Art

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Today we are excited to share how fashion bloggers style their own artTECA. We are proud to collaborate with such fashion-foward fashion bloggers. From on the go moms to young entrepreneurs, these ladies are showing chic and effortless ways to wear artTECA-displaying just how versatile each piece from the exclusive collection is!

Jess from Elegantly Dressed and Stylish.

Why we love it: Jess is a perfect example of looking wonderfully stylish and embracing her age. With each look she styles, she shows off her sophisticated fashion sense and has done so again with as she styles her artTECA scarf. She opted for a monochromatic look, which we love when it comes to styling artTECA scarves. Pairing like-colored pieces really let the scarf pop and allow it to be the vibrant statement piece of the outfit. We also think this scarf by Augustus Francis would look perfect with an outfit similar to Jess’s.

Jenny from Miami Style Mom

Why we love it: Jenny is one chic mom. We love that she embodies one of the muses artTECA was made for, which is a vibrant and busy mom who refuses to sacrifice her style. She styled her artTECA Hue Silk Scarf effortlessly in a simple everyday outfit. That’s one of the reasons why we love her look so much, because it embraces exactly what artTECA is about. Her neutral outfit and simple separates show that an artTECA scarf can be your everyday accessory because it can be worn countless ways. Check out how Jenny wore hers around her neck and tied around her handbag. We also think this scarf by Franklin Evans would look perfect with an outfit similar to Jenny’s.

Anastasia from Cashmere Confessions

Why we love it: Anastasia is giving off that high-low mixology. What do we mean by that? Outfits that mix casual, everyday pieces with more sophisticated and luxe pieces such an artTECA Hue Silk Scarf are considered high-low looks. She centers on the two prominent colors in her scarf and blends that into her outfit, while keeping it casual. Anastasia does a wonderful job of choosing unique ways to style her scarf too. Around her neck she tied it up short and on her head she wore it as a chic turban. We also think this scarf by Ruben Torres Llorca would look perfect with an outfit similar to Anastasia’s.

Jane from Fit Fab Fun Mom

Why we love it: Jane specializes in luxurious pieces that she styles into outfits that are suitable for any day. From everyday wear to special event or date night looks, she masters sophisticated outfits that inspire to upgrade personal style. We love how she chose a few color shades in her artTECA Hue Silk scarf to tie into her entire look. The blue and grey hues are perfectly complimented by her denim shorts and knit cardigan. And Jane opting to style her scarf on her handbag is a chic way to make the most of an artTECA scarf. We also think this scarf by Augusts Francis would look perfect with an outfit similar to Jane’s.

Fabiana from Styling by Fabiana

Why we love it: As a fashion stylist, Fabiana knows how to rock a trend, without giving up style. She embraces each season’s styling trends and adds artTECA pieces to her looks, keeping class and sophistication present. Check out how she styles her artTECA Muse Silk Blouse by Jovi Schnell with a denim skirt and a choker. Her outfit is a fun and causal look, elevated by the artTECA blouse and perfect for the weekend. Fabian also knows how to tie the perfect head wrap with her artTECA Hue Silk scarf by Omar Barquet. We also think this scarf by Damian Stamer and Muse Silk Blouse by Pepe Mar would look perfect with an outfits similar to Fabiana’s.

Marines from En Tus Zapatos

Why we love it: Marines incorporates wearable fashion into her everyday life as a business woman and busy mom. Her style is the perfect example of how investment pieces such as her artTECA Hue Silk by Omar Barquet are a wardrobe necessity for every woman. From a simple cami, to a button up shirt, she styles her scarf countless ways depending on the casualness or dressiness of her outfit. Check out how she wears it as a belt, giving her jeans a touch of chic! We also think the Hue Silk Scarf by John Zoller would look perfect with an outfit similar to Marines’s.

So, what are our tips to styling your artTECA like a fashion blogger?

  1. Keep the look simple to make your artTECA piece pop. An outfit you can’t go wrong with is a white tee or tank paired with a sleek pair of denim. The let your artTECA scarf do all of the talking. Any artTECA scarf with a shade of blue will compliment your denim too!
  2. Go bold. Wear your artTECA blouse with matching hues and dress vibrantly. The artTECS collection is not short of colors. So, pick your favorite hues and match them up!
  3. Get trendy. The best way to tackle a trend is with a wardrobe piece that still offers an effortlessly chic and sophisticated vibe. Want to try out the head wrap trend? Keep it elegant by using an artTECA scarf.
  4.  Style your artTECA scarf on your handbags to add a touch of luxe to your outfit everyday.
  5. Collect artTECA! One of the coolest aspects about the artETCA collection is that each piece is a limited edition collectable that is exclusively created. So every outfit can look just as unique as you are!

Show us how you wear your artTECA. Upload your looks to Instagram and tag #ArttecaWorldWide and @artteca. We can’t wait to see you rock chic wearable art!

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