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ARTTECA: Where Art and Fashion meet

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ARTTECA: Where Art and Fashion meet.
ARTTECA: Where Art and Fashion meet.
It looks like a simple and obvious idea, but the truth is that so far no one had taken it as seriously as the people of Artteca. Its about making fashion an artistic work, or make art fashionable, maybe both…or something more!
The brand creates designs based on the work of artists, produced to the highest standards of quality, to offer true works of art that you can wear. Thus, customers become art collectors and artists fashion designers, isn’t it genious?
It is a job done carefully, laboriously, involving much effort and lots of talent.
To enter the details and learn about the company and its operation, Siente America interviewed Flavia Giardinella, Co-Director of Artteca.
ARTTECA: Where Art and Fashion meet.
1. How did Artteca start?
I always wanted to do a project with art and artists that was different from the work of a gallery. Having experience in several areas of the art world: museum, gallery and auction house; what I liked most of my work was always the contact with the artists and their work.
I began to develop the idea of a new medium to share contemporary art with  people in a different way, that would be more accessible. From the beginning we wanted to do collaborations with artists so that our product would have that special artistic part. Investigating different mediums and ideas, and learning more about fashion, it occurred to me and my sister Claudia the idea of doing clothing and accessories brand for women with high quality fabrics that were designed in collaboration with artists.
We made several attempts with different fabrics and printing methods until we got one that worked perfectly where the detail, color and quality were the most important. After achieving this we started designing our first collection in silk called NOVA.
2. What can you tell us about the relationship between art and fashion?
Both are creative sources. Fashion is considered an art in its own field. Fashion, just like art, is very meticulous, involves a lot of thought and has its reason and importance in the daily life of the people. Fashion designers are considered artists in their field, the talent of re-create ideas and thoughts on paper and then convert them into something material. A similar process of an artist when creating a painting, sculpture, installation, etc.
This is why it seemed to us that the combination of art with fashion was a natural, organic union.  Haute Couture brands such as Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Jimmy Choo, Zac Posen, Banjo and Matilda, and Fendi (to name a few) have made partnerships with artists in the past and have always been very successful. Taking this precedent in fashion and art, we wanted to develop our idea. Making a more accessible brand specializing only in collaborations with contemporary artists.
3. How do you choose artists for your designs?
The process of selecting artists is something that takes us a long time. There are many very good contemporary artists, but not all art works for print on textile or fashion. Above all it is a clothing brand and we need to create pieces that look and are well translated onto fabric. For this reason it is like a double process.
We visit art fairs, galleries, exhibitions in museums. We also follow online galleries and publications in journals such as Artspace, Artsy, Artnet, Art News, New American Paintings.
 When we see an artist that we like and identify potential in a collaboration, we begin to study his or her work and career. In addition, we have formed a small group of people (gallery owners and art collectors) that serve as consultants in this process of choice.
 We have established certain criteria to select the artists we work with. We are looking for emerging or established artists who have a serious and promising career and work hard to exploit it. This gives the opportunity to our pieces to become collectable items, since everything we do is in limited edition.
 Once we select an artist we proceed to contact the artist and start a dialogue on collaborating with us and then start the creative process to bring his work to a new medium: fashion.
4. What technique used to reproduce faithfully the works of art?
We mainly use digital printing. Digital printing is a fairly new method in the textile printing industry. It is hard to get and not all fabrics are suitable for this printing technique.
 For us detail and color is very important because the works of art of the artists we work with have great detail and fidelity to the original work is what makes each piece special. The entire process of manufacture of the products is something that we also take very seriously.
 For this reason we manufacture garments in the United States, to ensure and maintain quality control we want. We always visit all of our factories and work with reliable companies of many years of experience and trajectory in the fashion and textile industry, offering the best quality of finished products.
5. Will Artteca expand or vary the models or designs over time?
Yes, expanding the accessories and clothing styles and designs is something that we always have in mind and work throughout the year to find new models of simple and modern cuts where we can include the work in a prominent manner. We will gradually be incorporating these new models to the market, we have begun to introduce two or three new models a year and we hope that in the near future we can incorporate more and more.
6. Is Artteca a line only for the elite? ARTTECA: Where Art and Fashion meet.
Absolutely not. Artteca was conceived as a brand that seeks to make art functional and accessible to many. Our audience is anyone who seeks something unique, different, daring, good quality and who knows how to appreciate art, fashion and design.
Not all people can afford the luxury of collecting art, much less the level of the artists with whom we work. Therefore, we give the opportunity to a wider audience to access art collecting with limited edition pieces at a much lower price, taking into account the quality and the materials used to create it, as well as its particularity.
ARTTECA: Where Art and Fashion meet.
7. What is Artteca goal for 2016 and objective arise in the long term?
The goal of Artteca is to grow and become a recognized brand both in the world of art and the fashion industry. In addition, we want to incorporate new designs and new artists to our work regularly. In 2016 we are focused in getting our brand known. Our primary channel for our market is through our website and our social networks.
We have invested much effort in making an attractive digital shop, with the information our collectors (customers) need about our brand, the artists we work with and each piece we create with them. We are not only focused in the United States market but also on a global scale and that is why we offer shipping to almost any country in the world through our web site.
This year we are also introducing our brand to boutiques in various cities to thus expand our market.
Another main objective of Artteca is to collaborate with the art community. Since we started with our brand we are supporting a non-profit organization call Bakehouse Art Complex, in an initiative that offers education for art in the public schools in the city of Miami, FL which is where our headquarters are located.
Our idea is to be able to expand our support to various initiatives of this style not only in Miami but in other cities. We want to do our part to promote the arts and give the opportunity to those children who have talent and sensitivity.
Long term we have other objectives, such as to incorporate new lines to the brand and collaborate not only with artists but with other fashion designers. ARTTECA: Where Art and Fashion meet.
We want to thank Siente America for this interview and for supporting us in spreading our message and brand.
We invite all who read this article to visit and follow @artteca on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
ARTTECA: Where Art and Fashion meet.

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