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Artteca Artists Wow at Art Basel

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Art Basel has officially come to a close, but we have been left feeling inspired and thought provoked a week later. Artteca walked the shows proudly as some of our incredible collaborative artists showcased their art at the world’s premier Modern and Contemporary Art Fair.

Here is a peak at some of our artists’ extraordinary work.

Wendy White

Wendy White at Rawson Projects’ booth would win best booth installation hands down. Ms. White created a hanging light fixture (her first) that dangles over a puddle containing the words “WHAT A LET DOWN.” Dark grey, dripping cloud-shaped paintings hang on the booth’s peach walls (there’s also matching peach carpet), and small vinyl lettering near the floor repeats the Newport cigarettes logo “Pleasure!” The installation, which was made specifically for the fair, is based on the memory of a peach-colored sweatshirt she’d wanted in her teenage years.” –The New York Observer

Wendy White’s work was also featured at the Untitled Art Fair.

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Ruben Torres Llorca

The exhibit, UP WITH DIVERSITY, featured the work of Ruben Torres Llorca. The exhibit will continue in the Juan Ruiz Gallery until Jan 30th, so there is still time to check it out!

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Augustus Francis

 Pictured: Augustus Francis and Artteca founders at his Art Miami exhibition. All three are wearing limited edition Artteca scarves with Augustus Francis’s artwork.

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Omar Barquet


Omar Barquet‘s work was featured in A Sense of Place which uses the most recent additions in Latin American art as a platform to explore the idea of cultural identity. The selection also featured over 60 works from the collection of Jorge M. Perez.

Barquet‘s work was also displayed at the Latin American art fair, Pinta Miami.

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Gonzalo Fuenmayor

Gonzalo Fuenmayor‘s work was part of the Jorge Perez Collection and Pinta Miami. Fuenmayor also created a commissioned larger-than-life mural for the Faena Hotel on Miami Beach. You can see him working on his piece in the above picture. Photo c/o Gonzalo’s Instagram. Even the rooms of the hotel are graced with photographs by him, kindled by the magic of Latin American novelists.

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