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This month’s artist feature is Artteca Collaborative Artist, Ruben Torres-Llorca. Born in the heart and capital of Cuba, the city of Havana, this artist is best known for his conceptual work that broadens the scope of not only his personal issues related to exile and dislocation, but social and global issues as well. His inspiration stems from his influence by the narrative constructs of film and literature, primarily the work of William Faulkner and Jorge Luis Borges.Ruben Torres-Llorca

Torres-Llorca graduated from the Academy of arts “San Alejandro” in 1976. He then continued his studies at the Institute of the Arts (ISA), where he graduated in 1981. During those years he was part of a renown generation of Cuban artists whose work was featured in Volumen 1, which earned him international recognition. This exhibition challenged the art scene for the new inception of artists in Cuba.Ruben Torres-LlorcaDuring the 1980’s, Torres Lorca used pop art in such works as the series Cine del Hogar, 1983 and Te llevo bajo la piel, 1986. This appraoch was a response to the Cuban pop-culture, which was captivated and inspired by the 1950’s American lifestyle, and also to his personal experience growing up in the historic neighborhood of Regla. After a visit to Mexico, Torres-Llorca also began to be influenced by the country’s Baroque style of architecture, focusing much of his work on sculptures after his visit.
Ruben Torres-LlorcaAn aspect of Ruben Torres-Llorca’s work that is never-failing is his careful amalgamation of art and political history that reflects a time of force and omnipotence. His pieces cognitively breakdown the precision of time based on a narrative of freedom that is without historical solutions or alternative orders from a powerful market.

Ruben Torres-Llorca

His work has been included in three Havana Biennials: 1984, 1986, and 1988. He also participated in the Biennial of Graphics in Centre Pompidou in Paris, France in 1987 and the Sao Paulo Biennial in 1989. Torres-Llorca has exhibited his work in many other spaces, including solo shows at the Museo del Barrio in 1997, the Miami Art Museum (MAM) in 1996, Centro Cultural Ciudad de Buenos Aires in 1990, Museo Benjamín Carrión in Quito in 1990 and Fototeca de Cuba in 1987.

Ruben Torres-Llorca

His stimulating work can be seen throughout several private and public collections around the world such as Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana, Ludwig Forum Fur Internationale Kunst in Aachen,  Miami Art Museum, The Art Museum at Florida International University, The Lowe Art Museum at University of Miami, Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, Centro Cultural Arte Contemporáneo in Mexico DF and Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA).

Ruben Torres-LlorcaWhere can you enjoy the expertise and art of Ruben Torres-Llorca’s today? He is currently a part of the lecture The Generation of volume one. The scene of the art produced in Cuba between 1978 and 1984. Joining him will be Aldo Menendez and Gustavo Pérez Monsoon. This exciting event will be held at Cifo Art Space in Miami, Florida on April 26.Ruben Torres-LlorcaThe artist will also be a part of the Masters of Cuban Benefit: The Nader Latin American Art Museum. The exhibit will showcase selected works from Torres-Llorca and a handful of other renown modern and contemporary artists from April 14- May 10 in New York City.

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“The essence, for me, is to establish a public dialogue.” – Ruben Torres-Llorca.

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