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A Look at the Best Fashion Collaborations of 2017

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The fashion game is always changing. One of the most prominent reasons for this is because it is a very volatile industry, far from stable and always on a mission to stay relevant. Fashion is such an over-saturated market, co-branded and collaborative projects challenge the industry norm and bring a fresh and new perspective to everything from accessories, clothing and home goods. Today we are taking a look at the best fashion collaborations of 2017.

1. Coach x Keith Haring

The influential Keith Haring's collaboration with Coach launched in Spring 2018 runway, and featured not only Haring's infamous artwork, but also introduced a young generation to his prominent role in social activism.

2. Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons

This collaboration united two of the most iconic brands to a line of create eye-catching bags. The unique aspect of these  Louis Vuitton’s Jeff Koons bags is that you can spot them from a mile away. In fact not only are these two 21st century icons featured in this collaboration, but so are numerous master painters from the past 500 years. Talk about a dream team.

3. Calvin Klein x the Andy Warhol Foundation

Although Clavin Klein first debuted this collaboration just last year, the brand has been granted unprecedented accesses to Andy Warhol's archive through 2020. This means the brand has time and content to utilize Warhol’s most iconic art across a variety of products and installations.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art teamed up with Comme des Garçons to create a series of t-shirts that feature and celebrate the Costume Institute’s “Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons” exhibition.

5. Vaquera x The Handmaid’s Tale

This collaboration was one of the most unique, although no pieces were actually produced via the project. Instead, the Hulu hit show "The Handmaid's Tale", adapted from Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel, reached out to Vaquera to participate in a set of art projects and activations to promote the show. This included mixing media, performance art and fashion design to create a fashion show. 


As mentioned earlier, these type of collaborations have propelled the fashion industry into new sectors and allowed even the most alluring of fashion houses to become a household name as these brands are becoming more and more accessible to consumers. However, this isn't the only reason why you should be interested in fashion and art collaborations. There are few pieces in the market that can actually be considered "investment pieces" and most times purchasing these self-proclaimed wardrobe pieces can often be a gamble on knowing their true value.

When it comes to fashion and art collaborative collections, those that feature reputable and acclaimed artists produce pieces that are truly an investment. It's easy to understand how this occurs too. The same way a respected piece of art gains value over time, so does a piece of clothing, such as a silk scarf, gain value over time. 

So can see why this is becoming an increasingly popular why to dress and invest. While a piece of beautiful art is lovely to look at hanging on your wall, wearable art takes the concept to a practical level and lets you incorporate your favorite art more readily into your everyday life.

A Look at the Best Fashion Collaborations of 2017

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