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A List of Six Articles that Celebrate International Women’s Day!

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Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate this global holiday that empowers women and highlights their accomplishments throughout history, we have rounded up A List of Six Articles that Celebrate International Women’s Day! However, before we share with you those powerful reads, let us take a look at the history of today and how the international holiday came to be.

The History of International Women’s Day

“The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights,” says world-renowned feminist, journalist and social and political activist Gloria Steinem. These words from Ms. Steinem are the the exact concept that is the backbone of International Women’s Day. It has been observed and celebrated since the early 1900’s and since 1914 it has been officially recognized annually on March 8. The exact beginning of this celebration is tied to a day in 1908 when 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding voting rights, better pay and shorter working hours. Although not directly affiliated with any particular organization, the holiday unites all corporations, charities and governments together. Another milestone the day has brought was by former US President Barack Obama in 2011, in which he proclaimed March to be ‘Women’s History Month’.

“The theme for International Women’s Day 2017 is #BeBoldForChange – encouraging people to step up and take groundbreaking action to help drive gender equality. It’s an active message that is likely to resonate with the millions of women, girls and men who have taken to the streets to march this year, in opposition to divisive politics.”

Now that you have read a brief history, let us take a look at a list of six articles that celebrate International Women’s Day!

  1. 20 Most Influential Fashion Designers : Wouldn’t you know? 20 of the world’s leading and most influential fashion designers are women. See the rise of their renown and chic careers, with emerging designers dating as far back as the early 1800’s. 
  2.  Best Dressed Female Business Leaders : Not only are these women impressing the world with their leadership and business skills, but they are doing it looking stylish too. This article shares 7 of the best dressed females that are making a name for themselves and breaking glass ceilings.
  3.  Stylish Women You Need to Follow on Instagram : Looking for a little bit of fashion inspiration? Check out this list of stylish women you need to follow on Instagram. Admire their inspiring personal style and learn and thing or two on how to embrace your own unique style from their perfectly outfitted Instagram pictures.
  4.  Women Over 40 Who Have the Best Style : This round-up of women celebrate the all-too-true concept that age is just a number. These women, who are all over 40, can inspire every woman to embrace not only their age, but body too, and grace themselves in clothing that honors that confidence.
  5.  The Most Stylish First Ladies Ever : We may have just had the most fashionable first lady to ever step foot in the White House. Check out this list of the 10 most stylish First Ladies in history and see how they held their own while their husbands were in office. This article also highlights the political and charitable affairs these First Ladies were a big part of moving forward and initiating.
  6.  The Historical Evolution of Women’s Office Style : Did you know just how hard the women of our past fought for the rights and respect to wear whatever we pleased, as women, in the workplace? In fact, some women who currently hold high business ranking or political office are still facing opposition as they defend these rights. This article shares an in-depth look at the evolution of women’s professional style and all the brave ladies who made how we dress today possible.

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