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5 Minute Styling Tips

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Whether you are a stay at home mom, working professional or anything in between, the truth is we can all benefit from some useful tactics that help shave time off our getting ready process and help us style outfits that look and feel put-together. Today we are sharing 5 minute styling tips you can use daily to look chic in no time!

1) Start out with a monotone, all one color outfit. Whether you look best in black, white, grey or navy blue. Whichever shade is your most flattering, reach for that color first. Simple enough, right? Then grab a printed accessory like a pattern silk scarf or colorful kimono to wear on top.

2) Classic pieces should be your go-to pieces. Whether it's an accordion pleated skirt, pointed toe pumps or tortoise shell sunglasses. Classic pieces are the easiest to mix and match with other classic pieces or to pair with trendy and quirkier style garments.

3) Whatever the season, know that you can toss on a fitted outwear piece and instantly upgrade your outfit. It's all about tailoring. If your blazer, cardigan or vest fits you perfectly, you have already made yourself look more put-together in close to no time.

4) Be intentional with your accessories. Don't just stand in front of your closet and wonder which one or how many of your accessories (i.e. belts, silk scarves, jewelry etc.) you can wear that day. Instead choose only one stand out accessory that can pull together your outfit and make a statement.

5) While many women struggle with not having enough time to put on makeup in the morning, if there is one thing you shouldn't skip, it's putting on some lip color and mascara. Whether you prefer a nude shade, a bright red or rosey color. Swiping on some lipstick before heading out the door will instantly elevate your look, while mascara immediately opens your eyes and make you look more awake and refreshed. Both of these makeup stylings would take you less than five minutes!

6) Make sure your closet isn't too overwhelming. While many of us may dream of big closets full of an overflowing wardrobe, the truth is that unless we have the time to perfectly organize our garments and actually do wear them all, then this can end up slowing down your getting ready process and make it too stressful. Look at your closet and ask yourself "If I was in a store right now, what items from my closet would I buy?". Then keep only those pieces.

7) Don't overthink your outfit. Certified image consultant and stylist Annette Harris warns to stick to simplicity when choosing your outfit every morning. “The quickest and easiest look for women is wearing a dress,” she says. “There is little to no thinking involved, which of course is key when you are frazzled."

8) Plan ahead. Another great way to cut time when styling your outfits is to plan your outfits ahead of time. Understanding that each job may require different attire, a basic module to refer to would be to lay out weekly: two dresses, two skirts and two pairs of pants. This gives you six bottom options that you can mix and match easily with any style of top you want that day. Just try to make sure they are different in color, pattern or fabric for added dimension and extra style.


Now that we have shared some 5 Minute styling Tips, here are 5 garment pieces to always have in your closet so you styling can be effortless and quick:

1) Statement silk scarf.

2) Lightweight outerwear, like a kimono.

3) Neutral pointed to pumps.

4) Little black dress.

5) Structured jacket, like a blazer or coat.


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