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2016 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

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We may be well into the Fall season, but stylish trends are still emerging left and right. With still a few months left in the Fall, and with most of the trends being transcendental for the Winter as well, we are sharing the top styles to add in your wardrobe rotation this season. From closet basics to fun accessories, these trends work perfectly within the bounds of any personal style and they all offer up some very versatile pieces.

Ankle Length Pants

2016 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Our thoughts: Can we get a big YES to this trend? Any trend that embraces a wardrobe piece that can easily take you from nine to five and the to happy hour or weekend wear is a great one to invest in. Ankle length pants come in all fabrics, patterns and degree of dress. You cannot go wrong with a unique pattern or classic stripe. Style them with any shoe of you choice. They go perfectly with sneakers, booties, ballet flats and heels.

Another aspect we love about the ankle length pant? Flattery. All body shapes and heights looks great in an ankle length pant-it is a universally flattering piece.


Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Our thoughts: The mule is the perfect chic on the go shoe. Who would have known a slip on shoe would take the fashion world by such storm? From flat slide, to peep toe booties and heels-mules come in all shapes and sizes. This past fashion week season, from New York to Paris, was saturated with fashion it-girls wearing the Chanel heeled mule.

For an easily adaptable everyday look, go for a pair of mule slides (these are flat) or a pair of suede peep to bootie mules. Both of these work well with everything like a pair of boyfriend jeans or a simple a-line cut dress.

White Sneakers

2016 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Our thoughts: We are happy to see a timeless wardrobe staple such as the white sneaker make such a wave this season in fashion. The sneaker, especially a pair of crisp white sneakers, has always been embraced in athletic and leisure wear. However, they have come a long way in styling options. Now we are seeing every one from fashion industry leaders to bloggers wearing their white sneakers with everything from skirts and dresses to culottes and overalls.

Not sure where to start with this trend? Stick to basic pieces. Style your white sneakers with a simple shift or shirt dress and top it off with a wool hat or chic purse.

Silk Scarves

Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Our thoughts: Investing in a good scarf always a good idea, especially a silk one. With one silk scarf, you can create endless outfits making it the perfect budget-friendly accessory to invest in. A good rule of thumb to shop by is choosing ones that are rich color and pattern. This is because a scarf is an accessory that tops off any look, so go for one that will immediately elevate and add a punch of vibrance to any outfit.

Style this ultimate accessory by wearing it loosely above your favorite cashmere sweater, tied on the handle of your everyday handbag or in a bow around your wide brim hats. We do not think there is a better accessory for Fall.

Velvet Booties

2016 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Our thoughts: Sleek and feminine. The fabric and texture of velvet has always had a flirty and feminine connotation in the fashion sphere. Now that this material is making a comeback in the form of booties, it is a great way to incorporate it into your everyday Fall wardrobe. Velvet booties are popular this season in blue, grey, red and pink colors.

Style these sleek shoes with a great fitting pair of denim or thick and detailed black leggings and an over-sized blouse or sweater.

Bell Sleeve Blouses

2016 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Our thoughts: This is a fun and feminine trend. The bell sleeve is popping up everywhere on dresses and shirts alike. However, we think that bell-sleeve blouses are the way to go based on their versatility. Worn with casual jeans or tucked into sleek skirts, you cannot go wrong with this Fall trend. This blouse style can also be the perfect piece to wear from nine to five then out on the town.

Many bell-sleeve blouses come in everything from neutral and cashmere to metallic and lace. We think it is the perfect trend to go all of the way with and have fun with light-hearted and feminine fabrics.

Burnt Orange

2016 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Our thoughts: We love a universally flattering color, and that is exactly what the shade of burnt orange is. There is a wonderfully lush and rich vibe that exudes from the color, making it truly the perfect color option for the Fall season. Burnt orange is showing up everywhere and on every thing. From trench coats and maxi dresses to paint suits and scarves.

Other colors that compliment the trendy shade are neutrals such as white, cream, beige and black. When styling burnt orange, let it make the statement by keeping your other pieces in the outfit simple and neutral.

Silk Blouses

2016 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Our thoughts: It is time for another YES. Yes for comfortably, practicality, chicness and seasonally appropriateness. The silk blouse is a closet must-have. And although this separate works for every season, there is nothing more chic than styling a luxe silk blouse during the Fall. The outfit options are endless.

Go casual with a pair of denim and ballet flats, or dress it up by tucking your silk blouse into a feminine midi skirt. And try to embrace prints and colors when it comes to silk blouses to add more dimension and details to your outfits.

Beige Trench Coats

2016 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Our thoughts: We love when classic pieces continuously remain on the forefront of the fashion industry season after season, making it a great investment piece. That is exactly what the trench coat offers. The specific trench coat trend this year is neutral tones such as beige, bone, white, camel and stone.

Styling tips with such an elegant outerwear piece is easy, as the trench coat instantly elevates any outfit by adding feminine structure and an overall “put-together” look.


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