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5 Fashion Pieces to Never Travel Without

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The majority of what we choose to pack in our luggage depends on our travel destination, time of travel and other major details. However, there are some wardrobe items that are a smart and chic decision to take with you wherever you are headed. Today we are sharing 5 fashion pieces to never travel without!


1. Silk scarf

There is no accessory more versatile and timeless than a silk scarf. If you pack just one silk scarf, you will have an accessory you can wear 3+ ways. In your hair, around your neck and tied on your handbag are a few of our favorites ways.

2. Hat

If you plan on dressing more casually on your trip take a more laidback and sporty style like a baseball cap. If you'll be wearing dresses and plan on being in the sun a lot, bring a straw boater hat. And if you're heading somewhere cooler, reach for your wool fedora hat.

3. Lightweight Layer

No matter where you are heading to, a lightweight layer is an essential item to pack. Whether you prefer a silk kimono or denim jacket, sometimes an unexpected cold front or chilly night can come your way while on a trip, so it's always a good idea to keep one in your luggage.

4. Statement Earrings

One of the easiest ways take a simple or casual outfit up a notch is with a pair of statement earrings, so it makes sense this is one accessory you should always pack with you. Even a t-shirt and jeans looks chic with a bold pair of earrings. Plus, they take up virtually no room.

5. Chic Dress

Regardless of season and your travel destination a chic dress might be the smartest piece to travel with. Whether you prefer a short, midi or maxi dress, this will be something you can style up or down and can be worn comfortably with flats or dressed up with heels. And a chic dress makes an outfit all on it's own with little need for accessories, so it's a win-win.


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