Origin: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lives in: Mexico City, Mexico.
Galleries: Dot Fifty One Gallery
Mauro Giaconi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1977. He studied Architecture in the Buenos Aires University and Fine Arts in Prilidiano Pueyrredón in Argentina National School of Fine Arts, getting in 2001 the degree of National Painting Professor.Since then, his work has developed in the sculpture field. Installation and drawings have been the major focus of his investigation and development.He has exhibited in various solo shows and group shows in Buenos Aires, Mexico City, New York, Boston, Miami, Marseilles and Switzerland.
“Architecture has been the point of departure of my work. Its study awoke on me a deep interest not only for the world of construction but also for that of the different trades the underpin it. For many years , I have worked on the representation of this discipline, trying to show it as a part of our everyday – life scenario, as something that contains us but at the same time that limits us. Drawing  objects and illustrations were the main support with which I tried to express this idea. Later on, I used constructive details and processes as evidence  of what is frequently silenced under the surface of our comfort. Objects – such as pipes, structures, columns and tools – started to show hidden meanings when their aesthetic universe was reinvented. By putting them into a versatile imaginary and poetic arrangement, I build an aesthetic universe of my own. Opposite concepts such as fragility and resistance, light and shadow, the practical and the dysfunctional, allow me to turn massive anonymous products into unique meaningful objects”.
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Front view of our dressy pants for women. A steel mesh and square design propagates through a luxurious gray silk fabric.
Back view of our dressy pants for women. A steel mesh and square design propagates through a luxurious gray silk fabric.

Allover Pant by Mauro Giaconi

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Allover Pant by Mauro Giaconi

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Print designed in collaboration with
Artist: Mauro Giaconi
Inspired in artwork: Untitled.Mapas 3. Collage 2009
• Imported luxurious 100% silk
• Made in USA
• Professional dry clean only
• Limited edition
Available in multiple sizes. Free shipping available in USA.
Product Description: The Allover Pant is synonym of supreme comfort and style. These pants are made with luxurious silk with a shiny look and a soft feel, the perfect lightweight woven fabric. This design has a relaxed fit with slanted side pockets, and a perfect tapered ankle. It can be used as high or low rise due to the versatility and comfort of the two inch ruche waistband and adjustable tassel ties. With an ideal length these pants can be worn with flats or high heels making them perfect for any occasion.
Print Description: A beautiful mix of collages and drawings is what sets this design apart from the rest. When Giaconi mixes mediums, he creates stunning artworks that translates beautifully onto this silk fabric. The detail of the maps in combination with the detail of the fence drawing creates a truly unique pattern that becomes a must-have conversational piece in any wardrobe.
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